How A Vape Starter Kit Can Help Your Teen Quit Smoking And Improve Their Chances Of Success

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Smoking is a dirty habit, and it is one that teenagers often find themselves getting into at some point. The reasons for this include rebellion and peer pressure and can be hard to combat. Even worse, smoking could impact your child's chances of success, making it important to use a vape starter kit to help them quit. Teen Smoking Remains A Problem While it is true that cigarette smoking has become a less common problem among teenagers in recent decades, it remains a persistent issue.

19 June 2018

Tips to Help you Clean Your Glass Pipe

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Glass pipes can be a popular tool for many smokers. The durability, aesthetics and minimal taste effects of glass pipes can make them ideal for many types of smoke. Unfortunately, individuals will often fail to care for these pipes effectively. In particular, there are many individuals that will struggle with keeping their glass pipe clean. While it may seem like cleaning these pipes will be exceedingly difficult, some basic steps will help you with keeping your glass pipe clean.

1 March 2018

Want To Start Vaping? 4 Types Of Wicks You Can Choose From

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If you want to start vaping instead of smoking, you can purchase an e-cig already made in many establishments. Over time, however, you will likely want to start building your own e-cigs. If so, you will need wicks to deliver the e-juice. To help you, below are different types of wicks you can choose form. Cotton Balls One type of wick that is popular and easy to find is cotton balls.

13 February 2018

Smoking Experience Customization

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What's in a good smoking session? It's not about a quick cigarette, an experimental water pipe, or vaporizer; there are so many other factors that can create a more unique, enjoyable experience. As you consider different glass and electronic smoking options, here are a few techniques that can enhance your experience with just the right adjustments. Put Some Ice In The Pipe Do you use a hookah-style water pipe that uses a large base filled with water?

8 February 2018