Want To Start Vaping? 4 Types Of Wicks You Can Choose From

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If you want to start vaping instead of smoking, you can purchase an e-cig already made in many establishments. Over time, however, you will likely want to start building your own e-cigs. If so, you will need wicks to deliver the e-juice. To help you, below are different types of wicks you can choose form.

Cotton Balls

One type of wick that is popular and easy to find is cotton balls. You should not purchase any type of cotton balls, however, but instead purchase organic cotton balls. This is because the cotton balls you can find in any store uses bleach on the cotton. This will prevent you from tasting the flavor from the e-juice.

Cotton is beneficial because it sucks up the e-juice very quickly. They can also hold a large amount of juice, so you do not have to refill your e-cig with juice as often.

Cotton Pads

Cotton pads are much like cotton balls but instead they come in a sheet. As with the cotton balls make sure you choose organic. You can find cotton pads in a variety of sizes and you can cut them into small pieces. You can also pull them apart and then roll up the cotton. This type of wick is very popular, so you can find it in most vape shops.


Rayon is another type of wicking materials you can purchase. If you choose this, you do need to make sure the rayon is 100%. If you do not, you will not get a good flavor from the e-juice. Rayon wicking material is inexpensive and soaks up the e-juice very quickly. You can purchase this material online or in many vape shops.

Stainless Steel

Once you gain experience using an e-cig you may want to use stainless-steel wicks. This type of wick is a stainless-steel mesh and lasts longer than most wicking materials. It does require you to heat up this type of wicking materials, so it provides you with the best flavor. You can do this by using a small hand torch. This type of wick works great for fruit flavored or thicker e-juice.

You can also use wrap the stainless-steel wicks around organic cotton balls or sheets. This allows your e-cig to soak up the juice more quickly. This also works great if you like to use a high amperage when you are vaping.

Talk with vape shops in your area to learn more about the different types of wicking materials for more details.


13 February 2018

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