Tips to Help you Clean Your Glass Pipe

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Glass pipes can be a popular tool for many smokers. The durability, aesthetics and minimal taste effects of glass pipes can make them ideal for many types of smoke. Unfortunately, individuals will often fail to care for these pipes effectively. In particular, there are many individuals that will struggle with keeping their glass pipe clean. While it may seem like cleaning these pipes will be exceedingly difficult, some basic steps will help you with keeping your glass pipe clean.

Warm the Pipe

Prior to starting the cleaning process, you may want to warm the glass pipe gently. Smoke can leave behind a very sticky resin that can be difficult to remove from the pipe. Unfortunately, failing to remove all of this resin can lead to the pipe rapidly getting dirty again as the resin will trap ash and smoke particles. To warm the pipe without damaging it, you can place the pipe in hot water for several minutes. Once you remove the pipe from the water, you will need to act quickly to clean it before it can cool off.

Soak the Pipe in Alcohol

Many of the areas of your glass pipe will be difficult for you to reach to clean. One way to help you with cleaning these difficult areas will be to soak the glass pipe in rubbing alcohol. Exposure to alcohol can cause any resin that has been left in the pipe to dissolve. While you will still need to use a pipe cleaner to remove these substances, the alcohol will make it much easier to remove these substances. You can improve the effectiveness of the alcohol by mixing a small amount of salt with it. The salt particles will be abrasive, which can improve the alcohol's effectiveness at cleaning the pipe.

Protect the Pipe From Dust

During the times when you are not using the pipe, you will want to ensure that it is being properly stored. When a glass pipe is simply left ou, dust and other particles can start to collect in it. These materials can contribute to the pipe getting dirty much more quickly, and they can also have major impacts on the taste of using the pipe. Preventing these issues will entail placing the pipe in a protective case during the times when it is not being used. This will greatly reduce the amount of dust that can gather on the pipe. While you may be concerned about this being a fire hazard, there are pipe enclosures that are fireproof so that they will not be able to ignite. 


1 March 2018

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