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What's in a good smoking session? It's not about a quick cigarette, an experimental water pipe, or vaporizer; there are so many other factors that can create a more unique, enjoyable experience. As you consider different glass and electronic smoking options, here are a few techniques that can enhance your experience with just the right adjustments.

Put Some Ice In The Pipe

Do you use a hookah-style water pipe that uses a large base filled with water? Do you smoke any particular flavors or mixtures, such as a menthol, fruit, or herbal glaze that mixes with tobacco, clove, gel, or shisha fruits? The entire experience can change with just a few blocks of ice.

The temperature of the smoke or steam that rises is inherently affected by the coals on top of the glass pipe--or any heating source, for that matter. Depending on where you have the heating source, you may get a lukewarm inhalation, a hot blast of steam, or even burnt material if you're doing it absolutely wrong.

But hey, some people like the burn.

You can cool the vapor and chill your chest by using ice cold water inside the water pipes. Although using chilled water can help even more, you can enhance the situation by simply filling the base with ice and adding water afterwards.

This changes the vapor density and may require an air intake adjustment to allow the cold air to mix better, but the mixture of cold air and hot coals will create a fuller steam that mixes in with any present smoke during your normal settings. The effect differs depending on water pipe design, but a few trials with different air intake amounts can deliver a cooling kiss of vapor.

Coal Adjustment For Vapor And Smoke Balance

There are multiple qualities to a smoke and vapor session that can change depending on the heat source. Indirect heat can change the volume and temperature of vapor, while direct heat can add more or less smoke to emphasize the vapor.

Smoke has multiple qualities, many of which are dependent on the smoke material. Aside from the effects of burning tobacco, cloves, or other materials to experience their different effects, the smoke itself can change the flavor profile and fullness of inhalation.

Achieving thick, pillow-like water vapor is a difficult task with water alone. A bit of indirect heat and slight burning of smoking materials makes it easier, but a delicate balance of getting flavor and effects of the material begins as you increase heat and adjust air intake.

There is one more factor to take into consideration other than heat intensity and air supply; the position of the heat source. If you're using a hookah pipe setup with coal on top, you can achieve different levels of heating and burning depending on coal placement.

An outer edge coal can deliver indirect heat and cook the tobacco or other materials along with any flavoring. Covering most of the air vents with the coal can burn the material and deliver a more cigarette-like quality. If you can arrange smaller coals around the edges of the heating area and allow air to pass through while getting the highest heat without directly singing the tobacco, you can achieve a volume and full-bodied flavor that many people flock to the Middle East to achieve from skilled hookah bar staffers.

Contact aglass smoking products professional to get help with those minor adjustment that can have a big impact on the experience as a whole.


8 February 2018

Making The Decision Not To Smoke

I have always been someone who is completely committed to living a healthy lifestyle, which is why my own smoking addiction kind of took me by surprise. I became addicted when I was working with other people, and within a few months I was loving every last breath of those cigarettes. Fortunately, a few years later my friend introduced me to vaping, and it really helped me to move on from my previous habits. I wanted to start up a blog all about smoking and alternatives to smoking, so that you can become familiar with your options each and every day.