Buying Smoking Tobacco: How To Choose What You Want

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Whether you want to smoke tobacco from a hookah or you want to roll your own cigarettes, buying loose tobacco to use personally can carry great benefits. Tobacco is grown in many regions of the world, and each application of tobacco is unique in flavor and consistency. Depending on the use you have for your tobacco, you may fare better with Al Fakher tobacco for hookah use and other brands and flavors for other styles of usage.

A quick search online will reveal that there are many types of tobacco out there to choose from. Unless you have a specific flavor in mind or you like to buy a special kind of tobacco, narrowing down your options will be more difficult if you don't know what you're looking for. Here's a guide to help you out.

What do you want your tobacco for?

Is your goal for your tobacco to have it for hookah use? If so, stick to hookah tobacco or shisha tobacco from regions that specialize in this type of smoking use, such as Al Fakher tobacco or other types of tobacco. Loose and sticky tobacco meant for smoking and rolling are best if you want tobacco for making your own cigarettes, with or without filters.

What flavor do you want for your tobacco?

Tobacco flavors vary from classic spicy and rich tobacco flavors to more fruity and sweet tobacco. There are also aromatic and mellow tobacco flavors and others that are minty or otherwise infused with herbal essences. What flavors do you prefer? This can help you choose the right tobacco for your needs. Some companies will allow you to purchase a sample pack of popular or recommended flavors provided you are of legal age to purchase.

What strength do you want for your tobacco?

Strength and consistency will determine how rich or heavy of a smoke you get when you buy tobacco. for hookah and other purposes, consider an Al Fakher tobacco or another style of tobacco that is rich in flavor and has a clean smoke to help you get the most out of your experience. There is a type of tobacco for every person who enjoys a smoke, from cigars to loose tobacco to shisha tobacco for casual, recreational use.

Your tobacco experience can be guided by researching flavor notes and consistencies of brands you know, and exploring new ones as needed. You can read reviews online or visit a tobacco store such as Lavoo Glass Hookah to learn more about different brands and types of tobacco.


15 April 2022

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I have always been someone who is completely committed to living a healthy lifestyle, which is why my own smoking addiction kind of took me by surprise. I became addicted when I was working with other people, and within a few months I was loving every last breath of those cigarettes. Fortunately, a few years later my friend introduced me to vaping, and it really helped me to move on from my previous habits. I wanted to start up a blog all about smoking and alternatives to smoking, so that you can become familiar with your options each and every day.