Busting Through Myths To Help You Choose Better Cigars

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Ask 10 different people how to choose the best cigar, and you'll get 10 different answers. The sad thing is that a lot of these answers will be based on myths and not fact. There are so many myths floating around about cigars and how to choose them. This article will bust through a few of those myths, allowing you to better choose your cigars based on actual facts and knowledge.

Myth: Darker cigars are stronger cigars.

People see a dark cigar wrapper and immediately assume that the cigar is going to contain a lot of nicotine. But the reality is that nicotine content is not closely related to the color of the wrapper. Cigars with darker wrappers do tend to have more intense, deep flavors, so if that's what you're going for, by all means, buy the darker cigar. However, a deeper flavor does not equate to higher nicotine content. The wrapper is a rather small percentage of the tobacco in the actual cigar, which means the nicotine content is more dependent on what the cigar is filled with than the type of wrapper used.

Myth: Nothing compares to the quality of a Cuban cigar.

There are definitely some good-quality Cuban cigars out there. However, you should be careful in assuming Cuban cigars are the best or that they represent the top quality available. The good reputation of Cuban cigars has likely come out of the fact that these cigars were banned and so hard to come by in the US. Cigars from other Caribbean and Central American countries can be just as good. Cigars from Nicaragua, for example, are very high-quality. You can also find some excellent cigars from the Dominican Republic. If you like Cubans, by all means, buy Cubans — but know that they're not the only great cigars.

Myth: Good-quality cigars are always large.

Do you look right past the smaller cigarillos, perfectos, and perlas under the assumption that the good companies only make larger cigars? You may want to rethink this strategy. Not all high-end brands make smaller cigars, but there are certainly some that do. And if you are a lighter smoker, you may want to look for high-quality, smaller cigars. This way, you can smoke the whole cigar in one session, rather than having to save part of it for later. And everyone knows a cigar tastes best when it's smoked in one session.

The moral of the story here is to not assume darker cigars are stronger, to consider origins other than Cuba, and to look for smaller cigars if they suit your needs. Contact a company that sells products like AJ Fernandez cigars to learn more.


21 April 2021

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